Archibald James Tasting Room

Dec 10, 2018
Winter Design 2019
'Winter' Acrylic triptych on panel 48" x 48". Each panel 13" x 48" fit inside an old farm window frame.

I was asked to paint a scene for a menu board. The menu board is 48" x 48" and set within a century old window frame. My commission is due to us becoming fully involved in a new cider and wine making venture. My husband and two others are making fantastic dry, complicated organic ciders and wines ( The vision for the menu board is to reflect the abundance of outdoor recreation in the Leavenworth, Cashmere, and Wenatchee areas. Scroll down to see some early sketches for the Fall and the new Winter Scene.

Fall Fun. 36"x36" color study. Acrylic on panel. 2018

The mountain and rivers provide a variety of fall recreation from rock climbing, biking to fishing. The fertile land provide our cider with fresh organic apples, apricots, blueberries, cherries, hops and herbs from the garden: lemongrass, lavendar and local honey.

This Archibald James logo was stenciled onto the front panel of our bar. 48"x 48". 2018
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