I am a teaching-artist. I create and encourage others to create.

We all feel our best when we create. There is joy in creating small, quick works as well as complicated ideas. I currently am in my 12th year of teaching 1st-12th grade Art Studio at The River Academy, Wenatchee, WA. I take great joy in working with kids. I am amazed at what they can do when given the opportunity and encouragement.  

My art tends toward images from my travels; landscapes, cityscapes, sky and waterways. Within my work, I am most interested in where your eye takes you. I want the viewer to interact with the textural spaces, one color or line leading to another around the composition.  In the 'Forest' series, I want the viewer to look past the bar-like trees and be drawn to the distant meadow and mountains. The forest path isn't easy or clear. But you can see how to get through, and the journey is worth the effort. The paint quality and color reflects patchy modeled early evening sunlight. Serenity will be found in the distant meadow. In 'Clouds over Stehinken' I am interested in you eye resting in the tufts of clouds that linger over the small mountain town. While in my Paris cityscapes you will ask yourself, where is that?, it feels familiar. The cityscapes are packed with detail. The somewhat distorted, painted strokes are lively creating a feel of action.

Teaching allows me to combine the creative process in historical and cultural context.  

My curriculum focuses on the learning classic drawing and painting skills. It's not an easy task in this age of quickly-aquired satisfaction. My students are encouraged to slow down and practice these skills. Creating art is all about problem solving, how can I make this better? Sometimes an eraser helps, other times we need to apply a new skill or go down another path.

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