NEW: Water Observations

Oct 24, 2019

Chelan Rocks! Currently featured at the Robert Graves Gallery Members Show. Showing now through January 31st.

These stones sit under a few feet of clear glacier water, in Lake Chelan, WA.  I was headed down a narrow dock hoping to capture a landscape view featuring the opposite shoreline. The temperature was around 80, under brilliantly blue skies, the June sun seemed to pierce the still water. As I made my way down the dock, my attention went to the water to my left. The sunlight hit the stones reflecting back brilliant colors; golden browns, greens, pinks among the speckled granite sand. Unexpectedly, I was struck by the clarity of the stones, the stillness of the air and water. I again started down the dock looking to frame a scene but I drifted back to the submerged rocks. Here, my camera framed the scene. The stones' naturally arranged spiral caught my attention and makes for a pleasing composition. I started this in June of 2018 and continued off-and-on through September 2019. I began this 24''x36'' composition in 'grissaille', a time-honored tradition for underpainting. Painting in grey-scale would help me study the composition without distraction of color or techniques. The work sat in this gray state for a few months... I was a little afraid to paint over it. As my work usually goes, I begin with an idea, then one day, the painting takes on is own direction becoming something else. I learn to let go and allow the work to emerge into its new form.

Chelan Rocks 2019, 36"x24" Acrylic on canvas. $600

First stage, grey scale
Middle stages
3/4 the way through- beginning to play with the details and the work becomes more abstract
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