Current Work

It was so good to get this work hung at Cafe Mela, Wenatchee, WA.

The paintings are memory inspired landscapes using sumi ink on rice paper.

Memories Reimagined- August 2020

Memories Reimagined. 48" x 48" sumi ink and water color on rice paper. $600

Look closely at this, zoom in and discover tiny villages, tree-lined lakes, and miles of orchards.

Look closely. This landscape may feel familiar to you.  Look for a beach side town, sailboats, vineyards and birds. The landscapes are memorials to places I've visited, seen or want. I am fortunate to have traveled across the U.S. by car, having lived in 7 states and to have visited Europe, Africa, Japan, and Australia.  I am 'that' airline passenger who's face is stuck to the window at takeoff and landings.  I too am looking for something familiar.

Seeing into the Past. Sumi Ink & acrlyic on paper 48"x36" $400

This series boldy nods to the work of CC Wang. I first viewed his work in 1987 (Henry Art Gallery, U.W., Seattle) during my senior year in art school (B.F.A  Painting, U.W).

This series is drastically different from anything else I've done. I wouldn't say that I'm turning my back on other styles or media. It's like with books, you may choose to read adventure novels one week, and romance the next. I can tell you that I love line and I get totally charged up drawing line with a sumi brush. My process of line-making is lively and freeing. The brush seems to find the landscape on its own as the brush hair skips in different directions, sometimes pushing ink from its side and sometimes from its point. As I move along, I'll recognize a shoreline, a beach town, or a harbor from a memory. I spend some time in this space, adding the details remembered from long ago.

The landscapes echo the places I've been or seen looking out my window. My process is fluid, after the lines are in I'll look and recall a time and place. One of my favorites is of a small Greek Island beach... it reminded me of a family trip that included a long day on a beautiful beach that included swimming, sunning and good food.

Growing up, I used to stare at a Chinese watercolor painting that hung in our living room. It traveled with us from house to house and State to State (U.S. Army family). It came from my Grandfather’s  travels. I can close my eyes and still see that painting.

Staring out of car windows as we moved from place to place, a small Chinese painting and an active imagination is what's really behind these works. Memories of 50 plus years resurface & reimagined.

Visual Dialect - Series 72"x24" Sumi and Chinese watercolor on rice paper $100 

Calligraphy beautifuly communicates... styles, media and methods vary throughout history. Book covers, book binding, scrolls, illustration, and modern fonts communicate visually and tactilely. My Visual Dialect series echoes calligraphic lines with a playful hint of color. The banners hang in series and allow some movement, giving them a little life.

almost finished- another 3 hours went into it
1/2 way through the process: the rice paper is arranged in a pattern of blacks, greys and white. The water falls are painted in... now I'm ready to add in the detail. 

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