Dec 13, 2018


A visual feast of blue sky, hills, and white clouds drew my gaze to the horizon, through a forest of trees. The trees' vertical lines reverberated like musical notes. I couldn't help but dismount my bike. The scene caught me by surprise and took me in. I stood on the side of the road, awestruck. I had just crossed the quaint Plain pedestrian bridge on my way to the grocery. I only had 20 minutes to spare. I sensed my 'wasted' time and finished my errand. As I biked back by, I turned to check my memory against reality. Again the scene spoke to me: the blue sky pulled my eye to the sun setting behind the hills, the green trees reflected incredible color in the warm summer breeze, the trunks held their vertical shapes, tall, lean, scattered fore and aft. The colors and shapes mix forward, back, and side to side. You feel as if you could run through this disorderaly maze, it is a beautiful place to reside... if only for a moment.

I made it back to my class, a week-long acrylic painting class at the Grunewald Guild in Plain, WA. An hour earlier, I wan't sure what I might paint. Now I knew. I depicted 12 impressions of this moment. My experience led to a drive to portray this scene... inspiration rarely arrives with such punch. However it does, and will again.

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