Mural: AJ Wine & Cider

Jul 15, 2020

In the Fall of 2019 I was asked to create a mural for Archibald James Wine & Cider's new tasting room. The owners asked for a mural depicting an apple tree and grape vines showing four seasons and tension between the two. I chose to have the grape vines climb up and twine around the apple tree finally meeting in a 'Michelangelo Sistine Chaple moment', that moment as God reached out to bring life to Adam.

Archibald James Wine & Cider | Archibald James - Wine and Cider Handcrafted in Washington State
Archibald James handcrafts wines and ciders in the heart of Washington state.
Floor to Ceiling Mural located at Archibald James Wine & Cider. Hand drawn using pencil and paint markers.
8inx10in sketch
Concept Drawing: 8x6in pencil sketch, August 2019
Humorous moment: when I planned on a 3 ft mural and was asked instead to place it here, floor to ceiling! Adaptable I am. 

'A little tension between the grape fine and apple'
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