January 2019 Solo show: 'Sketching on the Fly'- at Lemolo Cafe, Wenatchee WA

Sketching on the Fly,  I love the energy of the line in my travel sketches. The sketches average 15-20 minutes. Finding time to sketch is a challenge, and when I do I force myself to just draw, find the line presented and discover as I go. Several of these sketches are done with pen... so no chance of erasing. The results are impresise and the whimsical lines tell an energetic story of ...time & place.

Archibald James Wine and Cider Solo Show: September 2018
2018 North Central Washington Juried Show. 
2018 North Central Washington Juried Show - SING. (Orange Poppies)

Stage Prop: Book. 10' x 16' 2015

This stage prop is two large, stretched canvas boxes with plywood 'covers' hinged at the back (built by Donnie Lane). Scroll down to see the process. After three coats of primer, I worked the surface to imitate a 3D book.

See the fold in the fabric- this allowed the kids to pop through. 
At work in my garage, these were too large to come inside! 
Solo show at Pybus Market 2016
Pybus 2016
Logo for Wenatachee High Schools Tennis: NCW Invitational
2015 North Central Washington Juried Show (SOLD)