SING- *SOLD 11/9/2019 TRA Regents Gala $1900

Dec 13, 2018

Sing Diptych, Acrylic on canvas, 24"x36"x1"

The title of the diptych is Sing. The oranges, reds and yellows dance on their greenish stems... its the line of the stems that sing..... the vines wind in and out, around and between. The lines, like a sound sing softly, then disappear, yet remerging.  

Diptych Poppy Portraits #1

My art tends towards images from my travels; landscapes, cityscapes, sky and waterways. Within my work, I am most s interested in where your eye takes you. I want the viewer to interact with the textural spaces, one color or line leading to another around the composition.
‘Sing’ (a diptych) is an interesting work in my collection, as I don’t regulatory paint flowers. Alas, its not about the flowers.  I was called to the oranges, reds, greens playing against the neutral background. My focus is on the lines that move in and around the work, appearing and disappearing, becoming thick and bold and then then they become thin and disappear but then re-emerge. If you were to see my ‘underpainting’ you’d see the effort that has gone into these interconnections. The flowers are built up from the vines, forever supported. These lines, the vines ‘sing’ as they dance in and around the work. Just as your gaze gets caught on a flower, it then slides along a line, sometimes stopping and looking into the spaces between. Resting in the background areas is one of my ideas for you. Ask yourself, what is back there. That soft peace is broken as your eye finds another line to catch onto and you continue your Melody, weaving in-and-out, over and under. ‘Sing’ is a striking piece. Not always, but once-in-awhile I feel I’m called to paint a ‘thing’... this is one of those special moments. Hum or sing to the beat of the bold colors and flow into the lines of the soft background. Spend some time there, allow your eye to be pushed back up and into the lines of the petals... and keep looping.

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