I've been teaching Art Studio courses (1-12th) at The River Academy, 2007-present. My curriculum focus is on foundational classical drawing and painting skills with a peppering of sculpture and a smattering of art history. On the side, I also enjoy teaching small group and private lessons. Please contact me for more information and we will find something to fit your needs. Scroll down to see...

WAEA Art Educator of the Year- Highschool Division 2018

‌‌For current student work check out artsonia.com, search for The River Academy, Wenatchee WA. (we've posted over 15,648 works!)

2nd Grade: Value scale and copy
2nd grade Value Scale Study

My elementary classes work with the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Texture, Value & Space. Observational skills are practiced in a fun variety of ways.

7th Grade: 1 Point Perspective 

7/8th grade focus on basic design skills: they love 1 and 2pt perspective work. Creating their 'Dream Room' is always challenging. It's a tough skill to teach. And once they 'get it'- so very satisfying.

Senior Class: Master Painting Copy

12th Grade Master Class. By their senior year these students are ready to choose a Master painting to copy. It's a challenging process that takes alot of patience. This is the cap-stone art project at TRA.

3rd Grade Grid Copy

Copying from a grid is the ultimate observational assignment. In addition, my lessons incorporate what their learning in the classroom. This example is Homer.

10th Grade: Greek Vase

10th grade study Greek and Roman classics, in art, we replicate the classics.

Self Portrait on vinyl

Every year we study self portraiture. This year was by altering photo images and creating a collaborative display!

Self Portraits on Display: Vinyls 
All grades love to draw eyes
Self Portraits- Before and After

Album Cover Art: Pybus Market 'Art Lovers Sunday 2017- I continue to include a 'makers table' at this event each year. Please contact for private classes.

Pybus Market Craft Day

Adult Painting classes (Please contact to schedule)

2020: Sip & Paint (Archibald James Cider at Cafe Mela)

Cider & Art Class, Archibald James Wine & Cider
Cider & Art 2018 at Archibald James Wine & Cider

2015 Gruenwold Guild: acrylic painting class

Fun Projects: Stools and tables‌‌

Painted Stools & Tables, Art Elective Class 2018. SOLD 2018


Cider & Art 2018


Cider & Art 2018

TRA: Student work: 'Shoe Art'. Displayed in front window at Palmer Shoe's, Wenatchee WA. (We contined to show work here for four years, until their retirement)‌‌

Altered Shoe Project 2015

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