Travel Journal Sketches

Dec 16, 2018

A moment here and vinette there... maybe I get 5 minutes or 20 minutes to sketch a scene. The subjects are random, if I have the time to stop and sketch, I'll draw whatever is before me. It's usually something mundane... and sometimes somewhere fantastic. As a group, the sketches are lively, fresh and uncurated. I enjoy the exercise of drawing what's in front of me at that moment.

Florence 2018: Small side street market
NYC Journal 2015
Altered Book & Visual Journal Summer 2017
Altered Book & Visual Journal Summer 2017
Altered Book & Visual Journal Summer 2017
Hawaii Travel Journal
Sometimes its easier to collage, using pamphlets. Especially here... it was incrediably green and lush. And besides, for this road, we must keep our eyes on the road as not to get carsick!
Journey from Paris to Munich to meet up with a family friend. I enjoy revisiting these old sketchbooks... especially with the entry about the train food... everything was white in color and taste!
Waikiki Surfers 2011
Short sketches and Note taking help jog my memory- the left page recalls my visit to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Next we take the night train to Paris and I find myself at the Louvre in Paris.
Mazatlan Mexico
Sydney Australia. I often draw a map of the city I visit. This exercise helps my memory. See our route drawn in with grey pencil lines. We took water taxis and buses to get around.
Bondi Beach, Australia
Sydney Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Australia
Sydney Operahouse
Sydney, Australia
Chinamen Bay, Cairns Australia
Clouds: Cairns Australia
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